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Today, some 300.000 households suffer from energy poverty facing unaffordable energy bills for a chronically malfunctioning electricity supply

We believe that the supply of basic needs like clean water & sanitation and affordable & clean energy contribute to the solution of many problems in Lebanon.

Our mission is to support needy people, social and educational institutions or associations and financial weak communities in Lebanon. We are keen to contribute through a high number of small scale projects targeting the areas of energy, environment, communication and education.

Why clean water & sanitation can help

Water resources in Lebanon are polluted by the discharge of untreated or insufficiently treated industrial and domestic wastewater. These untreated waste waters pollute both the rivers and the sea.

The supply of quality drinking water would be a first step into sustainability. It would discharge less polluted wastewater, reduce the need to buying expensive bottled water and increase the awareness for the need of wastewater treatment.

Plus, buying less water in plastic bottles saves money for every household and reduces plastic waste in Lebanon.

And all these projects, even in small scale, protect the environment.

Why affordable & clean energy can help

Lebanese power outages have been the norm for decades. The ailing grid of Lebanon’s public energy provider Électricité du Liban (EdL) and the current context have proven incapable of providing the Lebanese with 24/7 electricity access. To the point that the EdL turned off all its power plants in October 2021.

Generally, scheduled blackouts last anywhere between 3 hours a day in Beirut to more than 12 hours outside the capital and give people only two options: either go without electricity for hours or pay for costly and increasingly unaffordable generator power. The latter suffering from the same struggles to provide electricity due to the lack of petrol and US Dollars to buy it.

The Lebanese consumer pays the highest electricity bills while experiencing the most unreliable and lowest quality service in the region.

To make matters worse, EdL’s grid is nearly completely relying on thermal power plants operated on expensive and polluting heavy fuel oil. So do the diesel generated backup grids. Air pollution in Beirut triples the level deemed a hazard by the World Health Organization.

Educate through positive experience

Small scale initiatives in the named areas improve people’s lives and create awareness of the benefits of clean waters & energy.

Additional consumer education on the individual and community level drives consciousness for the benefits of e.g. renewable energies as a cleaner, more reliable and cheaper energy source. In a nutshell: a solution to multiple problems in the current Lebanese context.

Contributing to long-term change through clean water & sustainable energy

On the long run, water treatment and renewable energy can be a key to triggering improvements for topics such varied as environment, communication, education, sustainable business activity. We are confident that in starting small scale initiatives we contribute to kickstart the long-term work that needs to be done.

We are sure that increasing clean water availability and energy security through our initiative will catalyse further initiatives for civic-engagement and can give space for capacity building opportunities in the future.

Sustainable environmentally friendly approaches

Our mission is not limited to clean water & clean energy. We might implement projects covering other areas. But all of our engagements will result in benefits for needy people in Lebanon, and focus on environmental sustainability. We target not only one time contributions, but want to create a sustainable impact on specific everyday issues.