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Who we are

We are a group of diverse Lebanese and non-Lebanese with close ties to the country, its people and culture. Most of us live outside of Lebanon, some of us suffer what we fight against on the ground everyday.


The collapse of the Lebanese economy with its social, environmental, and especially humanitarian consequences is disheartening, but we believe even such a severe crisis offers opportunities for major change.


We are driven by a desire to help people in Lebanon. We believe that water treatment to provide quality drinking water combined with clean energy can contribute to short-term relief and be a key driver for a better environment in Lebanon in the long run. We aspire to reduce suffering and provide clean water with clean energy through tangible projects that reach people directly.

The initial idea

With the bank freeze in 2020, exponential inflation and unseen unemployment rates, we were facing the impossibility to support our Lebanese fellows from abroad without losing 80-90% of the aid on the way. This is why we have been looking for a sustainable and effective way to help people in need in Lebanon.


The initial thought back in summer 2020: “If we can’t send money, why don’t we send goods that allow people to save the little money they have?” Given our expertise from various international business backgrounds, the search for indirect help soon funnelled into providing people with clean energy for free, both on small and on larger scale:


First, people would not have to spend their money on electricity or simple candles. Second, they could spend these little savings on more fundamental needs such as food. Third, the renewable energy devices would increase the awareness of renewables as an alternative to the chronically malfunctioning energy supply in Lebanon.


All our efforts, reflections and research nurtured the seed of Power for People in Lebanon: Power in form of energy and self-organisation, People representing both the humanitarian focus and the diverse, non-sectarian focus of our initiative, and Lebanon – the place, people and culture we hold in our hearts.

The association

Power for People in Lebanon e.V. is a non-profit association founded on December 5, 2020, and registered in the register of associations in Bonn (Germany) with registration id VR 11718 on May 7, 2021. We are intergenerational, intercultural, with different relationships with Lebanon, all connected around one shared vision:

Our vision

To reduce poverty of people in Lebanon through affordable and clean energy & water.


Our purpose is to support people in need, social and educational institutions or associations and financially weak communities in Lebanon. We provide support through individual projects targeting the areas of energy, environment, communication and education.

Our values

Whoever we work with and whatever we do to achieve our vision, these values that are dare to us are at the core of our activities:













The future we envision

We believe in water treatment and renewables as a sustainable solution to reduce poverty in Lebanon. Beyond the direct aid, through our initiative and projects we hope to plant seeds for economic and social development.


Facing the current situation and size of poverty in all its facets, we aspire to deliver projects in the areas of clean water and clean energy to cover basic needs for households and societies in need.


This support will reach people in all communities and all regions of the country. Our help will involve trusted partners on the ground to match our support with local needs and contribute to economic activities around clean water and renewable energy.