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Sanabel Nour is a non-profit, non-political organization and our local partner in Lebanon.

Founded by a group of Lebanese women: teachers, doctors, business women…working in different fields.

Their mission is to support the vulnerable families in Tripoli and North Lebanon in education, health care, livelihood, knowledge, devoid of discrimination in all of its forms. Their Main Focus: WOMEN, YOUTH and CHILDREN

In 1995 they started with small individual initiatives to help those in need.

In 2005 they earned the notice of recognition of our non-profit association.

2021 and ever since then, the association has been growing and helping more than 18,000 families in Tripoli and north Lebanon.

2022 the situation is getting worse and the number of vulnerable families exceeded 20,000 families. A large part of these families were from the middle class.

The crises are still continuing

Gas, diesel, bread, electricity and medicine.

And the benificiaries are increasing.



End of 2019: 3,000 families

End of 2020: 10,000 families

End of 2021: 18,000 families

May 2022: 20,000 families

Underneath are some impressions of the daily work of Snabel Nour.