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1,000 solar lamp systems produced

The next 1,000 solar lamp systems have now been produced and shipment to Lebanon has startet.

After less than a year PPLEB has ordered another 1,000 units of the solar lamp system from Solarun. Thanks to the team of Solarun for the quick production. We are now heading for the container shipment.

Lights in the Dark 2023

This solar lamp system provides lights in the nicht and allows the charging of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. For us these are matters of course. Due to the collapse of electricity supply in Lebanon these kind of solution are in great demand.

  • It makes people meet and see during the evening.
  • It lightens your house during the night, when your baby is crying next door.
  • It charges your empty smartphone to reach out for your family.

One set contains:
1x 10W solar panel for quick charging
1x 6,2V/6Ah battery / powerbank
2x LED-bulbs
1x LED-tube
5x cables for lamps, solar panel and battery
1x 5-in-1 USB cable for smartphones